3AG BAKELITE FUSE引线汽车保险丝座-带线汽车保险丝盒&座-东莞市沃格精密电器有限公司
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  • 带线汽车保险丝盒&座
      • 3AG BAKELITE FUSE引线汽车保险丝座

      3AG BAKELITE FUSE引线汽车保险丝座








      Bronze, Tin/Nickel Plated
      With Other Wire Size Or Legths Available On Special Order.
      To Install Fuses With "Loop" Type Wires, Simply Cut Loop Into Two Separate Wires Of Desired Length.

      Body Material Bakelite.
      Applicable Fuse AGC & JSO
      Wires 10,12,14,16,18.
      Length 8" Loop.
      Ratecd Current 40AMP MAX.
      Screw Type
      Part Number Description
      200-101 10 GA Pated to 40 AMP
      200-102 12 GA Pated to 30 AMP
      200-103 14 GA Pated to 20 AMP
      200-104 16 GA Pated to 15 AMP
      200-105 18 GA Pated to 10 AMP

      订购:3AG BAKELITE FUSE引线汽车保险丝座

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