AB19N 中型保险丝60V-插片汽车保险丝-东莞市沃格精密电器有限公司


    • AB19N 中型保险丝60V

    AB19N 中型保险丝60V


    简介:1.所显示的熔断器是用于汽车,船和拖车等上保护电气线路和设备。 本标准是按展示设计,不是限制设计使用在其它结构和能够满足要求车辆。





    Fast Acting, Low Voltage For UP To 60v DC
    Material *Body: Plastic.
    *Metal: Zinc Alloy with Tin Plating.
    Standard According To SAE J1284
    Circuit Protection To Replace Fusible Wire OR Fusible Link.
    Fuses Are Color-Coded For Easy Amperage Identification.
    Approval Listed by UL Certificated

    Ordering Information

    Part Number Ampere (A) Voltage (VDC) Body Color
    AB19001.N 1A 60V Black
    AB19002.N 2A 60V Gray
    AB19003.N 3A 60V Violet
    AB19004.N 4A 60V Pink
    AB19005.N 5A 60V Tan
    AB19075.N 7.5A 60V Brown
    AB19010.N 10A 60V Red
    AB19015.N 15A 60V Blue
    AB19020.N 20A 60V Yellow
    AB19025.N 25A 60V Natural
    AB19030.N 30A 60V Green
    AB19035.N 35A 60V Purple
    AB19040.N 40A 60V Orange

    Specifications Opening Time / Pre-arcing Time

    In 1.1In 1.35In 2.0In 3.5In 6.0In
    1-40A >100Hours Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
    0.75 s 1800 s 0.15 s 5 s 0.04 s 0.5 s 0.02 s 0.1 s

    Interruption rating: 1000 [email protected] DC

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